Have you seen my dog?  LbNA # 60464

OwnerHLR chippers    
Placed DateJan 8 2012
LocationMarshall High School, Marshall, MI
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Have you seen my dog?

At the crossing of North Drive East and North Madison, go toward the High School to the fenced in tennis courts. On the side opposite the tennis courts, you’ll see a cement path. Go east on this path until you see a big, green hazardous electrical box. Walk up to this box. Turn left. You will see an entrance to the track and one to the baseball field. We don’t care which way you go. The choice is left up for grabs. Continue straight until you see some bleachers on a cement base. Climb to the top of the highest bleachers and take note of the 13 pine trees standing erect next to the big, green sign. This is where you must go. Go down to the fence and through the metal gate and a rusted post points the way. Soon you will be underneath the big, green sign. The sign leads the way to my dog. My dog is good at hiding, so search well. Please rehide in the same spot. Thanks for taking care of my dog!