300 Stone Steps  LbNA # 59944

OwnerThe Pakrat    
Placed DateOct 26 2011
Location???, NJ
Found By ???
Last Found Apr 9 2012
Hike Distance?

There are differing stories concerning the creation of these steps leading up the side of a steep New Jersey hill. Some say that George Washington had them put here to make climbing easier to a lookout post at the top. Others say that the Civilian Conservation Corp made them in the 1930’s. However they got there, they certainly are interesting.

Once you find the Steps, start climbing them. Whew! You’ll start to get tired about halfway up. You’ll pass a tree with a large hollow in it on the left side of the path. A little further on, the Steps will start to curve around to the left just past a mid-sized tree on the left side. With the tree at your back, sight 44 degrees to a small boulder. The box is in a hollow underneath the boulder behind some smaller rocks.

There is at least one geocache in the area, but I’m pretty sure it’s near the top of the hill.

If you reach the spiked steps, you’ve gone too far.

• Bring your own ink, black is strongly recommended.
• The rough-hewn rocks which make up the steps are loose in spots; take great care in ascending/descending.
• Please rehide well.