Heaven Awaits  LbNA # 59939

Placed DateOct 23 2011
LocationJenkinson Cemetery, W Ave., Brady Township, MI, Vicksburg, MI
Found By (hidden)
Hike Distance?

Heaven Awaits is located in Jenkinson Cemetery on W Ave. in Brady Township, MI, east of Vicksburg. Park on the side of the road. Enter through the small gate by the sign. Weinberg is on the right. Continue down the row. See the broken small ones on the right? A broken one is leaning on a tree. Turn left. Take 12 steps, then turn right. See the phony tree ahead on the left? Lyon on the right. Walk to the tree line. Follow the fence/trees to the right. Rusty pole on the left. In the corner is a tree, near William. The prize will be found near the pole. Be careful of the rusty fence and a few thorns to one side.

Please reseal all bags and containers carefully and rehide better than you found. Thanks!