Bad Day, Got Better  LbNA # 59935

Placed DateOct 23 2011
LocationBurlington Roadside Park, Burlington, MI
Found By (hidden)
Hike Distance?

Find the Burlington Roadside Park on M-60, just west of I-69.

Our family frequently travels past this roadside park on our way to visit relatives. We always talk about having a picnic here, but hadn't managed to do it. One sunny afternoon, a short distance before the park one of the tires on the van went flat. The children had been squabbling in the back seats for over an hour and the flat tire didn't improve matters. As I pulled into the roadside park, my boys jumped out of the back seats and opened the trunk to find the spare. My older daughters took the younger girls over to the pump where they pumped water for each other to get a drink. After a short time, the two boys had changed the tire and were helping put everything back inside the van. The girls were laughing as they got their feet wet. We decided to have a snack before heading on our way. What began as a stressful event, became a much needed break in our journey. This box is planted as a reminder that sometimes a short break can make all the difference!

Go to the old pump inside the shelter. Look towards the road. See the exit on the right? Walk to the stump. Facing west at the stump, there is a guardrail on the left. Behind the third wooden pole is end of the journey.

Please reseal all bags carefully and rehide the box better than you found. Happy journeys!