P is for Pooka  LbNA # 59603

Placed DateSep 21 2011
LocationThe Home of Hudson Strode, Tuscaloosa, AL
Found By The Foodfighters
Last Found Dec 29 2012
Hike Distance?

P is for Pooka

The P is for Pooka letterbox is the first letterbox in the series "An Alphabet of Hidden Folk" placed around Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Nisse Gnome is planting these letterboxes to help locals learn more about the hidden folk in their midst.

Please bring your own inkpad and your own pen. In addition to the stamp, there is also a small collector's item- there will be a collector's item for each box in Nisse Gnome's "Alphabet of Hidden Folks" series.

The box is hidden on the grounds of the home of Hudson Strode, a Renaissance scholar who taught at the University of Alabama and made a name for himself teaching creative writing courses that led many southern writers to publication of their first novels. When Prof. Strode passed away, he left his home and his papers to the University. Please be respectful when you hunt because visiting scholars sometimes reside on the grounds.

You can find the clues online at this location.