Taylor Made  LbNA # 59413

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Placed DateSep 1 2011
Location???, NJ
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Last Found Jan 31 2012
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The meeting was not widely publicized at the time, and certainly not worthy of historical note save only for the personages involved. Hastily arranged, Lincoln, Grant, Sheridan and Seward gathered in a quiet location in New Jersey to discuss the Taylor Provision. Seward and Sheridan met at the corner just over there.

Take a short stroll along the gravel walk until you come to a large tree growing just on the right edge of the path. There’s a large concrete block immediately beyond it. Look in the space beneath the block and you may discover something else worthy of your attention.

• Bring your own ink, two colored image, black and red are strongly recommended.
• Urban box, watch out for suspicious muggles.
• Please rehide well.