Family Glue  LbNA # 59241 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 5 2011
Locationhicks cemetery, battle creek, mi, MI
Found By Inthemoment
Last Found Jun 22 2014
Hike Distance?

Family Glue


Families all have that one person. The keeper, see'er, and helper of all. The "Family Glue" sorta speak. The one that holds everything together. And when their gone the glue starts to..unstick. And nothings the same. Well this stamp is for my family's glue.

My grandma Shirley Smith A.K.A. Amie. <3 I love and miss you always Amie <3

To get this stamp go to Hicks Cemetery, it extends to both sides so make sure you pull into the EAST side, MIDDLE drive.

When given the choice turn LEFT, passing THE CABIN IN THE WOODS. Do take a look at TITUS's latest art one your RIGHT. Beautiful aint it?

Next decision time...
Turn RIGHT at the sad cement poles who've seen better days.

And park at EMILY ROSE ((there is a turtle bench for her at Pennfield Middle School))

Walk to your LEFT toward the funky lookin shaped trees, passing by a bunch of angels guarding a teenager.

See HICKS? Coinkidink or no?

Go say hi to the boating couple, LEFT again.

Pass by mister semi-PULLEN

See the horse in front of you as you pass by the cutie in overalls? Just inside the frog is your prize!

Do take a look at my grandma's headstone, our family tree ending with us grandkids is on back. And my grandpa's drawing of our farm is on the front. And if your feeling sentimental her favorite flowers are tulips. I just know at heart she is a letterboxer, she was everything and anything us grandkids did.