Fluffles The Cat  LbNA # 59239

Placed DateAug 14 2011
Locationceresco cemetery, ceresco, mi, MI
Found By Stormetha
Last Found Apr 6 2014
Hike Distance?
Last EditedOct 15 2015

Fluffles The Cat

Pull into the drive closest to Ceresco village. Go straight back passing the man who's name was liquid GOULD.

To your right you should pass a cool 'chiseled' stone.

OH LOOK! It some cute little masked KOONS, on your left. Gatta love the little rascals.

Round the corner...

OH!!! Is that a deer sniffing MOOREHEAD's stone? Wow this little cemetery has a lot of wildlife!

Park at the cross up in the air.

Hmm..Looks like the BRITTAN's came through here too...17 to the left and you may find yourself a TREAT!

Oops..nevermind..i kinda dropped it...Anyhow turn around and find the angel on the bench.

And about 7ish steps from it make a sharp left.

Walk straight until your in the middle of the 3 "V"'s Watch out for the baby pines!!

Alright now see the tree with the thorny looking branches?

Your prize is there to seek.


***My mom bought this stamp and wanted me to place it. Hope you find it as cute as she did!!***