Fluffles The Cat  LbNA # 59239

Placed DateAug 14 2011
Locationceresco cemetery, ceresco, mi, MI
Found ByStormetha
Last UpdateApr 6 2014


Fluffles The Cat

Pull into the drive closest to Ceresco village. Go straight back passing the man who's name was liquid GOULD.

To your right you should pass a cool 'chiseled' stone.

OH LOOK! It some cute little masked KOONS, on your left. Gatta love the little rascals.

Round the corner...

OH!!! Is that a deer sniffing MOOREHEAD's stone? Wow this little cemetery has a lot of wildlife!

Park at the cross up in the air.

Hmm..Looks like the BRITTAN's came through here too...17 to the left and you may find yourself a TREAT!

Oops..nevermind..i kinda dropped it...Anyhow turn around and find the angel on the bench.

And about 7ish steps from it make a sharp left.

Walk straight until your in the middle of the 3 "V"'s Watch out for the baby pines!!

Alright now see the tree with the thorny looking branches?

Your prize is there to seek.


***My mom bought this stamp and wanted me to place it. Hope you find it as cute as she did!!***