Idaho Potato in Rome  LbNA # 58876

OwnerWolf Dancer    
Placed DateJul 25 2011
CountyOther International
LocationRome (Roma), Italy, INT
Found By Samson n Delilah
Last Found Oct 10 2015
Hike Distance?
Last EditedOct 20 2015

Greetings and welcome to my third and final letterbox in Italy. My son and I are leaving this magestic city tomorrow and heading back to the states.

I hope you enjoy your time here as much as we did, although home is always a welcome and warm place to go.

Once again, I have made my clues obvious and easy to follow.

On your map find the park called "Villa Borghese." It is a rather large city park located in the north part of your map. In grid F9 on your map, you will see a place marked, "Piazza E. Sienkienvicz." This is the enterance you want to take. You will enter through an archway called, "Villa Bvrghesia."

Proceed forward through this piazza down the paved path until you come to the intersection of, "Viale Del Museo Borgese." Now look to your left. You will see a road sign marked, "Largo Francesco Trombadori." Go to the sign and place your back against it, facing into the park. As soon as you look into the park you will see a very large tree in front of you, off to the right just a little. This tree has been severely trimmed and there are no branches close to the ground. Now, look to the left. Here you will see a much smaller, skinnier tree. Between these two trees and to the back you will see a third tree that has not been trimmed and has leaves almost to it's base. This tree is approximatly 73-77 Troll Keeper steps from the sign (keep in mind that I'm only five feet tall, so lunging will decrease the number of steps significatly). To correctly identify this tree, look up. You should see a red tag with the number 371 stamped into it nailed to the tree. Now take about 1 1/2 steps to the right. You will see a niche in the tree. Your prize lies under the leaves and rubble. Enjoy the contents and please rehide well.

Happy hunting and as with all Tow Troll/Troll Keeper boxes, first to find gets a gold coin. If you find this box in need of a new log book or any repairs, please feel free to make such as I am not likely to be back anytime soon.

Yours on the trail,

Troll Keeper
(AKA, "The Fencer," when Tow Troll is not around)