Idaho Potato in Florence  LbNA # 58831

OwnerWolf Dancer    
Placed DateJul 20 2011
CountyOther International
LocationFirenze, (Florence), Italy, INT
Found By LaneAlaineCoen&Finn
Last Found Jul 7 2014
Hike Distance?

Bongerno and Welcome to "Idaho Potato in Florence!"

This box is box 2 in a series of 3 my son and I planted while on vacation in Italy. I have chosen not to link these boxes on the same page so they could be hunted individually as everyone may not be going to the same places we went to. I have also chosen not to make the clues cyrptic as simply finding a suitable place to hide the box and then getting there was difficult enough for me.

Clues to the box:

Proceed to the Piazza Mikelangelo. How you get there is up to you. My son and I arrived via one of the, "Hop On, Hop, Off," open bus tours. (Now that was kind of fun.)

Once you arrive, follow the signs to the common (public) toilets. (It costs 0,60 Euros to use...just in case...) There is only one there, so you do not need to worry about getting confused. Once you arrive at your destination, look for the sign with the wheel chair logo on it and turn to your left. As you go around to the side of the building, you will see a square, concrete box which is housing the water meter. Directly behind and to the right of the water meter, you will see a manhole cover. Now, look behind and to the left of the water meter.

You should now see an old tree stump. Walk up the path to the stump and place your right foot on top of the white rock. Now lean over and peer inside of the stump. See the rocks and other rubble lieing within? You prize lies under thus. Enjoy the contents and please rehide well.

As with all Tow Troll and Troll Keeper boxes, first to find gets a gold coin!

If this box needs a new log book or requires repair, please feel free to assist as it is unlikely I will be returning any time soon.

Yours on the Trail,

Troll Keeper
(AKA, "The Fencer," when Tow Troll is not around.