Idaho Potato in Venice  LbNA # 58755

OwnerWolf Dancer    
Placed DateJul 15 2011
CountyOther International
LocationVenezia (Venice), Italy, INT
Found By LaneAlaineCoen&Finn
Last Found Jul 15 2014
Hike Distance?

I took my son to Italy for a graduation present. Being an avid boxer, I simply could not pass up the chance to go international.

I carved three stamps to act as "Hitch Hikers."

While searching in Venezia, my son and I found the spot, but no box, so I placed this one in it's stead. Thank you LBAC Crew for the clues. I could not have written them better.

Venezia is a maze, so I will do my best to keep the clues as clear as possible.

It is very difficult to find places to plant boxes in Venezia. Due to this reason, this "Box" is actually a stamp and small log book inside a plastic bag.

Clues to the box:

"Idaho Potato in Venice" is located between the Rialto Bridge and the Campo San Polo. From the campo, find Calle de la Madonna (which may also be called Ramo de la Madona, yes, the spelling is correct).

Just southeast of campo, walk straight. You will see a Madonna facing you in the wall. There you will turn right. A sign will say, "Campiello de la Madonna," and another will say, "1984." There will be a vertical pipe between the 2 signs, back in the corner of the building. The pipe is old and rather rusty. The Letterbag, has been hidden in a crevace located behind the pipe, to the far right. (You kind of have to stick your hand into a hole. I found it rather creepy.) I have covered it with rubble. Be sure to rehide well. If you happen to find the other stamp, that's great. My son and I could not and we went there twice.

A hint for you...when Napoleon invaded Venezia, he changed many things. One of the changes he made for the good, was to have all of the "houses" for lack of a better word, numbered. Therefore, when you find the sign that reads "1984," you are definitely in the right place since there is only one place near the Campo San Polo with this "address."

Good luck hunting and enjoy your stay in Venezia. It was such a treat for my son and I to get to go. If you find this letterbag in poor repair or in need of a new log book, please feel free to make needed repairs ect.

As with all Tow Troll and Troll Keeper letterboxes (or bags), first to find gets a gold coin!

Yours on the trail,

Troll Keeper
(Aka. "The Fencer" when Tow Troll is not around)

(...sigh...I left my heart in Venezia...I'll have to go back and get it one day!)