Sun Over Series  LbNA # 58621

Placed DateJul 4 2011
LocationMill Creek Falls, Prospect, OR
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** This series was carved to be placed along the Oregon coast, but our trip plans took a different direction. Because this was such a beautiful area, we wanted to plant a box (or three) here to share the beauty with you. Enjoy! **

NOTE: This area may or may not have RV turn around access. It depends on how many cars are in the parking lot. Also, BRING YOUR CAMERA!!!

Directions to Mill Creek Falls - These directions are coming from Joseph Stewart State Park (north bound heading towards Prospect, Oregon).
- After mile mark 42, you will see a big brown sign for Mill Creek Falls 1/4 mile.
- When you get to Prospect Access Road, turn right.
- Follow the paves road until you get to the stop sign. Turn Left.
- Past the white railing, you will see a speed sign indicating 35 mph. Turn right into this area.
- Park your car and begin your quest.

Directions to the Boxes:

This walk/hike is meant to take you on a beautiful journey, so the directions will give you the "scenic tour."

Box 1: Sun Over Paradise

1. DOWN the hill you go.
2. You will see a warning sign (stop and read it first!!!) at a cross section. You will need to go left here.
3. You should continue to hear water to your right as you walk. Keep going until you come to another very OLD warning sign. Very soon after you will come to the Valley of the Rocks.
4. Before you come to the 2 large boulders guarding the trail, you will see a V tree. Besides the V tree a baby boulder is leaning on its mama.
5. Sun Over Paradise is hidden between baby and mama on the left side of the tree. (Take it with you as you continue. There is a beautifully "flat" place to stamp before heading back this way.)

Box 2: Sun Over Bonfire

1. Down the stone stairs you go.
2. Come to the sign "Avenue of the Giant Boulders." Head towards the river and explore this amazing area.
3. Now head back towards the Avenue. You can get even MORE spectacular views from up there.
4. Ahh...wasn't that great. It is time to get back on the letterboxing trail, so go back to the trail you just came from.
5. Back up the stairs and head to the second warning sign you come to.
6. The trail splits off here and you should be heading towards the "Viewpoint."
7. Don't you love going downhill? As you head down, you will see large boulder formations to the right of the trail.
8. Are you tired yet? You better carefully look for a single rock seat to the right of the trail. You will know it is the right seat because it has straight edges on it.
9. Sit down and take in the beauty across the trail.
10. Can you see a small mossy boulder peeking out from a trail tree?
11. Go to this boulder. Under the raised left side of the boulder is a smaller mossy rock. There you will find Sun Over Bonfire.

Box #3: Sun Over Sea life

1. Continue down the trail to the View Point. Stay on the wide path.
2. Take note of the poles with the white and green bands on them. They will tell you about the trees you are seeing.
3. Past White Fir...
4. At the square arch go left to the view.
5. When you are done go back to the main trail and continue down further.
6. Past Madrone.....
7. See the amazing roots of a giant of olden days?
8. Go up the stairs by the roots and wait to be amazed by the view.
9. Head back down the stairs and past the giant.
10. Keep going until you come to a bigger path on the right. You will know it is the right path because you will see the path curve to the right.
11. Follow this trail until you see a short path to the right that will take you to the very edge.
12. Carefully, walk on this trail but do NOT go to the edge. Instead, stop when you see a large stump to your left. You will know it when you see it. It is a typical letterbox hide out!
13. This stump hides your Sun Over Sea Life box. The box is behind the stump under a large chunk of bark.

Just know that as you read this, I am jealous that you are standing there RIGHT now! I really fell in love with this hike! However, I am NOT jealous of the hills you are about to climb as you go back to your car! Enjoy! :)