Paddle, Paddle  LbNA # 58601

OwnerMaddy's Sunshine    
Placed DateJun 1 2011
LocationWaterbury, Little River State Park, VT
Found By DymondSnake
Last Found Sep 2 2012
Hike Distance?
Last EditedOct 14 2015

This stamp was hand carved by Maddy.

Start at the place where people splash on the bee side. face the front of the water spout. shuffle to your right 15 feet. 8 steps forward to the brush. locate the large rock on your left. behind the rock, you will see a fallen white/yellow birch. Go to the base of the fallen tree.
you will find Paddle, Paddle there.
Please bring your own ink.
Please be careful not to be seen, it is a traveled area.
Have fun!