River of many salmon  LbNA # 58593

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Placed DateJul 4 2011
Location???, WA
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Last Found Jul 24 2013
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River of many salmon

River of many salmon
This western town founded in 1890 and home to a family of the Salishan tribe has to its north a river that springs forth from a cirque of peaks, the Remmel, Amphitheater, Apex and saddle mountains.
This becomes a river, translated in the Salish dialect of “Nselxcin” to “many Salmon”. This river flows into the “Buttlemulleemauch” or “salmon falls river”. At this confluence you will find this town. At the north end of this town, upriver from the confluence, where the main road makes a sharp right, park where the professionals do on the left.
Find the span that hangs, cross the river of “many salmon” to the summer gathering place for the Salish called, “Sa Teekh Wa”. On the other side, follow the path up river until you stand before indigenous people. Look down and off between 1:00 and 2:00 to find a fallen tree, @15ft.
Find what you seek under this tree closest to the river.
This is a 5 minute easy walk from your car, no chance of finding it in over 6 inches of snow.