Kentucky Raid Mural  LbNA # 58571 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 3 2011
LocationCassopolis, Cassopolis, MI
Found By navyboy
Last Found Jul 4 2014
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In August of 1847, a group of 13 Kentuckians arrived in Cass County in hopes of retrieving "their property", their slaves, and proceeded to various settlements, capturing nine people. A confrontation ensued at O'Dell's Mill in Vandalia and Quakers present are credited with calming the situation before it escalated into violence. The Kentuckians were ordered to stand trial in Cassopolis. There is a historical marker on the grounds of the Court House in Cassopolis. The Judge in the trial, who was an abolitionist from Berrien County ruled in favor of the fugitives. The slave catchers returned to Kentucky empty handed. In 1849 they sued in US Circuit Court of Detroit for the value of "their property." "The civil trial took over a year, was settled and finally dismissed in December of 1851. The Kentuckians received no money for their losses." "The outcome of the Kentucky Raid and the ensuing trial in Detroit incensed Southern slaveholders. It added fuel to Southern demands for a more stringent Fugitive Slave Law, which was passed in 1850, making it much more dangerous to be a freedom seeker or to harbor fugitives. This law, authored by Henry Clay, was a compromise to save the Union. However, it became one of the primary factors that led to the Civil War."

For more info on these sites and the Underground Railroad in Cass County go to or search Bonine House.

The Mural is by local artist Ruth Andrews.

The mural is located in downtown Cassopolis on Broadway (M-62) South of the stop light, West side of highway, between Florist Shop and office of Attorney Stephen Woods. There is a small parking lot so you can pull in to admire the artwork.

The letterbox is located just South, on West side of highway at Stone Lake Roadside Park/Pioneer Log Cabin Museum. There is also a sign out front saying something about Tourist Information.
Park in the lot closest to the log cabin. Follow sidewalk past cabin. You'll see a Pavillion with an unusual roof and a nice view of the lake. Continue on the sidewalk, then along a boardwalk. Still a lovely view of the lake, also interesting vegetation, lots of birds and Bull Frogs!
At the end of the boardwalk, turn around and take 10 steps back to where the boardwalk starts to bend. Step off to the left, see two "feet" of the boardwalk that are close together. Behind the one closest to the road you will find the letterbox.

As always, be discreet (MUGGLES!) and re-hide well. Thanks!