Over the Mt and Down the Road  LbNA # 5783

Placed DateSep 24 2003
Location???, CT
Found By ???
Last Found Aug 30 2010
Hike Distance?

Things you don't need to know: I planned to plant this in Fernridge Park in West Hartford for RTRW's birthday but never got it planted. Now there is talk about the park being refurbished and the grounds are already too neat for a box. So, it's in another place. The name comes from the fact that I go 'over the Mt and down the road' to get to her house where we begin many of our boxing adventures.

Here are the clues:

Der Mad Drummer wanted more company. After falling down with Daffy turn RIGHT at the trail sign, back toward your car. At some point-this IS a mystery after all- there is a blazed pine on the right and 3 piles-of-wood-debris-formerly-known-as-stumps immediately opposite. Hidden among them is your treasure. The stumps are deteriorating but the box is there.
Follow the woodland road till a trail sign points to the right, back past the pond and to your car.

Have fun!