Come See the View  LbNA # 57724

Placed DateMay 3 2011
Location???, NC
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Hike Distance.5 mi
Last EditedSep 14 2015

Along (B)eautiful and sometimes (R)ugged (P)recipices take a scenic drive to a MANSION worthy of MOSES. From the veranda ogle and enjoy the spectacular view and visit the craft shops. Before going on, you will most like want to use the facilities. Behind the facilities building see the remains of an old building and a rock wall. See the stairs down the stepped hill? Take them and swing left past the pillar (decorative? supportive?) but stop before the ruin. In the corner where the wall meets the ruin, eye that overhang. What you need to Come See the View is behind the big rock, under the overhang, far right.

Rich, not FLAT history can be Googled to TOP off your experience.

Please return the treasure to this location wearing its cloaking device to prevent others from spying out this essential tool.