Tualatin Crawdad  LbNA # 5769 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateSep 21 2003
LocationTualatin, OR
Found By FlyingMonkey
Last Found May 22 2006
Hike Distance?

Directions: This box is hidden in Tualatin Community Park. To get to the park, take the Tualatin exit off I-5 and go right (West) to Boones Ferry Rd. Go North on Boones Ferry 2 stoplights and the park is on the East side of the road about 1 blk past the second light. If you find the railroad tracks, you have gone too far. Start in the parking lot by the red and white building with the big YMCA on its side.This box is a reminder of the crawdad festival that takes place in the park every Aug.

Clues: Walk down the paved path that starts behind the YMCA building toward the playground. Continue on this paved path between the playground and the restrooms toward the train trellis. Continue on past the boat ramp. The path you seek next begins under the train bridge and is marked by a metal pole with white and yellow stripes.The path is no longer paved. Continue on this path past the horse shoe pits into the woods.Take this trail for quite a distance til it forks near a weird little bench on the left. Take the left fork. Follow this path for a while til you come to a large tree standing over a brick graveyard. From this tree walk 10 steps to another good sized tree and a path going to the left. Go left. 34 paces will bring you to a tree of 6...7 if you count the one that has been broken off. There are several leaners on this bunch and the box is hidden in the fallen logs beneath the biggest leaner.