Box needs first aid - see comments in Status page W Birthday Surprise  LbNA # 57455

Placed DateApr 14 2011
LocationNorth Cary Park, Cary, NC
Found By DragonMom
Last Found May 14 2017
Hike Distance?
Last EditedDec 18 2015

Birthday Surprise Letterbox – North Cary Park

Begin at the big blue circle at the entrance to the park. With the restroom building on your left, walk past the gate and straight down the path.

Pass the playground on your right and down the hill (run if you want!).

You’ll come to a metal rail bridge on your left - cross the bridge (stomp your feet and stop midway to look down). Keep going across the bridge.

When you see the field, take the path on the right, then the next right, just before the greenway sign.

At the “T” with a stone patio, turn left (stop and rest first if you want).

Cross the wooden bridge and STOP on the other side. Here’s where it gets adventurous.

Turn left into the woods and hike up to the uprooted tree.

Take a look at the fallen tree to see where the tree used to lay before it was cut into logs. Follow the where the tree would have been on the ground.

Cross the creek/stream/trickle/muddy ditch/dry ditch (depending on the recent weather). If you walk on the smaller, mossy log it will avoid some thorny bushes, but it might be slippery.

Once you are across, look to your right and see the pile of cut logs. Look around into crevices without moving logs.

When you’re ready to return, go back to the bridge and turn left (to continue the way you were going, not backtracking). When you see the field, turn right to go up the hill. Stay straight when a path crosses.

At the boulders stop and play, or turn left to return to the park entrance.