The Toothbrush Twins  LbNA # 57341

Placed DateApr 1 2011
Location???, ???, NH
Found By ???
Last Found May 30 2011
Hike Distance?

Time - Ever since they crushed out of the Council Bluffs, Iowa "escape-proof" jail eight weeks ago the Toothbrush Twins had been touring the U.S. The two hoodlums—tough, tall John Giles and tough, short Edgar Cook—gained their freedom and their nicknames by unlocking six steel doors with a toothbrush and a wooden spoon. They made their escape in a blue police car, abandoned it, stole another automobile, abandoned it, stole another—and in this fashion set out across the countryside, plying their trade (burglary) from time to time.
Last week they drove to (a city in) N.H., registered at a hotel, and sallied forth to case the town. Giles dropped into a local movie to stare critically at a film entitled The Suspect. Cook wandered out to a tailor shop. But police and FBI men spotted their stolen automobile parked at the curb. They stopped Cook with leveled Tommy guns, relieved him of a bag containing a wad of stolen currency and four stolen pistols. He was apparently too annoyed to say a word. But Giles seemed well rehearsed. When two policemen cornered him in the movie, he grated in the best Dick Tracy manner: "All right, coppers, you've got me—for now."

Go to the NH “jail” where these two felons were housed. Find the solid steel door that separates the officers’ guard room from the jail cells. Reach behind the bottom hinge on the left side of the heavy door for the altoids tin. PLEASE be stealthy since the “Warden’s” desk is only ten feet away and faces the hiding spot. Also, this is a very high traffic area!