Stone Needle  LbNA # 5719 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateNov 1 2000
Location???, NJ
Found By ???
Last Found Dec 5 2004
Hike Distance?

Stone Needle in NJ
Re-planted 6/20/08

This box was originally planted by "John" .His clues remain unchanged.
The site has been adopted by Sera & Doobie.
It is now a microbox with a hand carved stamp ( by, Sera & Doobie)

(You need to pay a park fee in the summer.)

John's Clues to the Stone Needle:

In the state I am in, how high can you go?
The answer to that question Mr. Kuser did know.

He knew it quite well, but now he is gone.
And in the stone needle the answer lives on.

For the ultimate sacrifice it points to the sky.
So show some reverence as you draw nigh.

So find the stone needle and stand way below.
Where you pay to see far is the first place you should go.

Stand between those devices and admire the view.
You'll know you're all right if the stone needle is 217 true.

Now to the Needle take those devices and point them.
Add the numbers on their dials to 265 to go then.

Walk thirty-eight paces crossing drive and guide rail.
To a tree white as snow on the course of a trail.

When facing the tree turn left on that trail (SW)
Go 70 double-steps to where you might rest your tail

Northwest you might turn for a good 3-state view
But due east (90) is the heading of the very last clue.

Now 19 paces to what geologists might call "Erratic."
If the Stone Needle is at 202 you'll know that you're at it.


1) This is a very high traffic area. Be careful to conceal the box as good as you can. There are many tourists during the warm months.

2) I've corrected the declination to 13 degrees west. If you don't have that setting you'll have to add 13 to all the bearings.

3) All my paces are 2 steps.

4) This is a summit environment and although it is not high risk, there can be hazards in poor and icy weather conditions.

5) Also, there's lots of rocks and crevaces which means snakes and other nasties.

6) You should always be very close to a parking lot. If you find yourself decending into deep woods, turn back and check the clues.

Happy hunting.