"X-Marks The Spot"  LbNA # 5711

Placed DateSep 18 2003
LocationWeybridge, VT
Planted ByMona    
Found By oldhounder & Siamese
Last Found Sep 25 2005
Hike Distance?

Snake Mountain is a short, easy to moderate hike, in the valley between Middlebury and Vergennes on the Addison-Weybridge town line. From VT. Route 17, .8 mi east of Addison Four Corners and Route 22A, follow Mountain Road south (left?) to the start of the trail at Willmarth Road (2.7m.). (Sorry, never go this way, and I am terrible at giving directions, so I took this description out of the "Day Hikers Guide to Vermont"). There is a substantial sign and parking lot, once you get onto the Willmarth Road.
The trail up the mountain is blue-blazed and the lower trail (as well as the summit) is on private property, so please be discreet, and use good LNT habits. This is a heavily traveled trail, (with many mountain bikers) but there were nesting falcons and red-tailed hawks up there despite the crowds this summer. The views are only second to Mt. Abe.
At the summit, on what's left of the old hotel foundation, stand at the set of pipes with your back facing north, and walk approximately 20 paces south at 200 degrees, then approximately 10 paces at 210 degrees. (I used the standard 5-ft pace measurement, exact paces not necessary, though!)The prize can be found under a set of boulders. Please replace carefully, and feel free to email me to alert of problems or just chat. Happy, Happy Trails!