A-Z Series  LbNA # 5687 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateSep 20 2003
CountySan Luis Obispo
Location???, CA
Found By ???
Last Found Oct 5 2003
Hike Distance?

What: A-Z Letterbox Series
Where: Here and there in San Luis County
When: Now and then
Who: GSD

This series of letterboxes to be planted over several months will have one box for each letter of the alphabet. They will not be planted in alphabetical order. Wouldnít want to be too predictable.

Planted: September 20th, 2003

Go to the city with the rock, Drive on Main Street to the north side of town, (the streets are arranged alphabetically sort of) Look for the street that starts with S (one word). Itís a good street to know if you want to get educated. Drive up the street, past the dolphin, until you get to the dead end. Park in the lot. Donít look for this box on a Sunday Morning itís much to busy. Find the totally cool palm tree and the large rock under it. You should find the box.

Box 2: The letter "C"
Planted Sept 20th, 2003

Find Cupid in SLO. He's diagonally across the intersection from Jack. Follow the arrow into the parking lot. Park. From there go to the south western corner and stand on the arc. There is a clump of trees due south. The box is within the carefully placed rocks at the bace of the tallest tree.
As of Nov 1st. Cupid has left the city of SLO. We will leave the box in its current location for a few more days
before relocating it.

Box 3: The letter "H"
Planted:Coming soon!!!