Demented Directions  LbNA # 5629

OwnerMary (RI) et al    
Placed DateDec 31 1969
Location???, RI
Found By ???
Last Found Aug 6 2011
Hike Distance?

Name: Demented Directions Mystery Box
Difficulty of clues: Easy, for a Mystery Box
Difficulty of hike: Easy, practically a drive-by, with a little rock hopping.
Note: Traditional geographic paces used (double step)

UPDATE NOTE: MOVED There has been a geocache planted nearby. It is inside a rotted fallen tree. I don't think that the placer had any idea a letterbox is here. So far, my letterbox has not been disrespected. I have not had my box disturbed by cachers but it has been mentioned in their logs. If you want to sign in to the cache, please don't mention this mystery box's name or new location, and set a nice example of peaceful coexistence.

Somewhere in Rhode Island an obviously unbalanced person is on the run… rambling, sometimes singing,

“Five score and... that ‘terrible’ age,
Take me home, county road,
To the land of rock,
Where the Ordinary Pasture Fish terminates.

Water, water, everywhere,
But it can’t be seen or drank from here.
Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop!
We can rest here.

Now start again on foot.
Ring around the campfire…
No, not the Campfire Girls;
the Boy Scouts of 1999: Eagles doing good deeds.

Rocks everywhere!
From the fire in the ring, Simon Says,
Go 50º about 15 from the ring's edge,
To find a Stonehenge for feasting.

Now at 340º, a fungus made of stone.
Is it magic? Go ask Alice, I think she'd know.
340º again!….
Cross over. Careful! Careful! Look both ways!

Yet another ring around a campfire!
Look northward,
Pass through the victory tree,
Find a monument to heroism, fire, and ice.

AGGH! Someone’s coming!
Run, behind the monument!
Hide! Behind the wall!
Look! For the tree with the hole near the bottom.
Can't hide in there!!!
Crouch down… They might be looking…
Down to the bottom,
Hide under the piece of stump,
under the rock.

You should be safe here to enjoy our demented surprise, hidden well from prying eyes.

Last checked in Aug. 26, 2005.