Making a simble birthday gift special  LbNA # 55772

Placed DateSep 24 2010
LocationKalamazoo, MI
Found By SunDawg
Last Found Apr 16 2011
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Making a simple Birthday gift special :)

How you ask? Well, with a great presentation you could make a rubber ink pad and a roll of paper appear to be spectacular!!

Always start with “Higher Standards and Lower Prices”, if your as broke as the sea Gull.

Next, instead of simply setting the gift out in the open make a treasure map. Make the starting point as clear as possible. Starting with “G” (never mind why, just stand by, and trust me)

Placement is key to pulling this off.
A few tips for your success: Always put the building behind you

..................................... “X” marks the spot

Face North
Always hold a map straight out in front of you at eye level

Creativity is always a bonus and rally jazzes up your gift. I would try something simple at first, like putting a pen thru “X” to better see the treasure location.

Good Luck

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