The Crane at Hickory Hollow  LbNA # 55535 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerPurple Dragonfly    
Placed DateSep 6 2010
LocationHickory Corners, MI
Found By cat people
Last Found Aug 8 2011
Hike Distance?

Hickory Corners is the name of the town where within it's limits a park can be found.
At dusk is too late, to park inside it's gates.
Look for the white soldiers in a row, from the 'light-est' count your steps as you go.
Now at the end, take two more, see the plaque on the grassy floor?
Continue on the same number of steps you just made, then you will come upon a steep change in grade.
Down you must go to where asphalt crumbles, go to the left be sure not to stumble.
Continue along this path until you find, a tall and a short rusty from time.
The path to the left will lead you down to the last row of trees where it can be found.
Look to your left and you will see, two rusty rings one leaning against the tree.

While stamping my book look to the clearing through the trees. You will see a hollow where Sandhill Cranes gather.

The box was hidden by my seven year old daughter, in our favorite park. Beware of muggles, as there is a geocache nearby! Hope you enjoy!
~Purple Dragonfly & Strawberry Shortcake~