A Fine Place to Fish  LbNA # 55494

OwnerPurple Dragonfly    
Placed DateSep 4 2010
LocationHickory Corners, MI
Found By cat people
Last Found Aug 8 2011
Hike Distance?

To find the location of the park, use a Michigan map. Draw connecting lines from Richland to Hastings to Battle Creek and back to Richland. Wintin this triangle is a Lake which is a Fine Place to Fish.

Upon entering the park, find a sign which directs your attention up.
From where the car comes, look for the lost little girl.
From the stump beside the garden, take 10 steps straight east.
Turn down the narrow path, go six steps, the seventh with caution.
Two more steps and to the left, a young tree stands barely taller than the weeds.
Look for the large wrap of bark at the base of this tree.

Please be sure to re-wrap the box and pull the weeds back up to protect it from muggles!

This stamp was drawn by my seven year old daughter, and carved mostly on her own. She chose the hiding place and the clues. Hope you enjoy!
~Purple Dragonfly & Strawberry Shortcake~