Historical Tour of Sayreville  LbNA # 5535 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 27 2003
LocationSayreville, NJ
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Originally planted by: Martian Maggot

Historical Tour of Sayreville
The Historical Tour of Sayreville starts on Main Street, at the Sayre Fischer Brick Company water tower. All remaining clues can be found on Main Street, no farther down than the fallout shelter. (One is in the other direction.) Keep an eye out for all plaques, looking both up and down. Walking distance will be approximately half a mile. All buildings were built with bricks from the Sayre Fischer company.

a) What year was the water tower originally erected?

b) What year was the water tower restored?

c) What was the date the Liberty Tree was planted?

d) What year was the Liberty Tree planted?

e) What year is the time capsule to be opened?

f) How many names are on the Roll of Honor on the Soldier's Monument?

h) What year was the fallout shelter built?

i) What year was Rev. Stanislaus Danielou born? (hint: he's resting today)

j) What is the street address of the first Free Public Library in Sayreville? (hint: the steps there are rounded)

k) On to the old Liberty Theater. How many red tiles make up the large red diamonds on the front?

m) How many smaller diamonds are on the front (this includes partial ones)?

n) How many cement flowers are on this building (not just the front)?

p) What year was the Reading Room erected? (hints: this two floor building has a deli on the first floor. This is the one that's the other way)

Start at (b-i+j) MacArthur Avenue, the front steps will do. Off in the distance, in Borough Hall park, you will see (k/c) benches. Proceed there. There is a pathway here, proceed at (e-h+1) degrees. When this path ends, proceed in the same direction, to where the [n-(p-a)] bench ought to be. Take a seat? Proceed to the maple behind you. From there, there is a two trunked maple at (e-d+f+m) degrees for the box!