30-41  LbNA # 55296 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 24 2010
Locationkansas city, MO
Planted Byloml    
Found By Eidolon
Last Found Aug 24 2012
Hike Distance?

This will be my first geocaching planting and my second letterbox planting.
I don’t know if doing both in one box is frowned upon, but I’m doing it anyway.

The morning of November 29, 1988, a Tuesday, an explosion occurred in south Kansas City, Missouri.
The blast was heard and felt for over 20 miles.

I was 16 at the time and an aspiring photo journalist for my high school newspaper.
I was dating a Freshman from Rockhurst University.
She would often spend the night with me and I would take her back to school in the morning.

I dropped her off at 54th and Troost and headed back to Grandview.
I stopped to take pictures of the blast site.
It was odd, there were very few people around. Just a desolate construction site.
I’m not sure if the authorities knew what had happened yet.
So I take my pictures and head on to school (late of course, but I got an excuse note from the journalism teacher)

I finished off that roll of film Wednesday and developed it and made a contact sheet on Thursday afternoon.
I was impressed with the shots. Even if you didn’t know the story, seeing a pumper truck with its front pushed in 3 feet, you know something amazing happened.

I talked about the shots with a few people and went home.

Friday morning mom and I wake up to pounding on the door.
And I spend the next 6 hours at Kansas City police headquarters answering questions.
My girlfriend… detectives grabbed her out of the cafeteria to question her.
Finally they take me back home and I have to hand over the negatives and the contact sheet.

I tried for many years, but never got them back.
And the girlfriend, she ended up cheating on me.

The event has always meant something to me, I think it was the first time I felt empathy.
So I’ve placed my letterbox/geocache at the 30-41 memorial.
If you visit, please take a moment to show your respect.

Location changed 10/07/10 to make it easier to find.
Stand in front of the memorial, look beyond it at the flag pole, then beyond the flag pole at the rock cliff.
Ground level, pile of rocks.

GEOCACHER, please leave the rubber stamp. It is used for letterboxing.

When placed, this cache was stocked with:
Log book
A patch from the movies Aliens
A $1.00 bill
A photoshopped picture of me with my car.