Froggin Around  LbNA # 55257

OwnerUp, up, and away    
Placed DateAug 22 2010
CountyVan Buren
LocationSouth Haven, MI
Found By Anty-Up
Last Found Aug 6 2012
Hike Distance?

This box is found just outside the Van Buren State Park in the North Point County Park. There is a little parking area in front of the trail head. Enter the trail at the park sign and follow the Main Trail.

The frog followed the main trail past the streambed. After a little bit more hopping the trail splits. Frog decided to go left. When the frog saw the “broken” tree he thought he’d better get back on the main trail. He headed left again. The frog followed the path up the hill, and then up the hill some more. As he neared the top of the hill he saw a path less traveled on the left and wanted to see where it went. Following the trail to the left he started downhill. As he came to the bottom he turned left to join the main trail again.

He hopped along and came to a “Y” in the main trail. But saw another less traveled trail straight ahead. Hoping to find a quiet place to rest his weary legs he went straight up the hill. When he came to the top of the hill, he saw a few choices of “V” trees in which he could sleep. Two “V” trees on the right and 3 on the left. He’d been traveling left all this way so he chose the middle “V” tree on the left side of the path. He is still sleeping there and waiting for someone to find him.

****First finder will get his friend that is watching over him.****