On the Right Track  LbNA # 54855

Placed DateJul 31 2010
LocationCranston, RI
Found By Gpa
Last Found Nov 19 2016
Hike Distance?

This letterbox is on the abandoned train tracks in Cranston.

If you enter from the west, enter from the corner of Weingeroff Boulevard and Parkview Boulevard. If you enter from the east, enter from Mill Street. It is easy to find the entrance from either side. Just follow the train tracks as they cross the street into the woods.

If you entered from the west, you will soon come to a point where you will be to see Bellefont Pond on your left. Regardless of which side you entered from, just follow the tracks till you come to a place where there are 3-4 seperate sets of train tracks, with one of them branching off to the south. These south-going tracks go through an old rusty chain link gate that is open. On the left of the gate is a small dirt hill that has old railroad debris on it. At the top there is a small "lean-to" comprised of 2 pieces of wood and a rock. The box is under there.

Make sure you bring ink!