We Dig It!  LbNA # 54793

Placed DateJul 12 2010
LocationKirby, AR
Found By
Last Update


We placed this letterbox while on a family road trip from West Virginia to Texas and back again in the summer of 2010. This is the second of the series. Unscramble the poem for the clue. (Hint: Make sure it rhymes.)

It! Dig We

rain. pounding through site on drove We
complaints. of lots with tent our pitched We

yet beautiful, is Park State Daisy
wet. soaking youíre when enjoy to hard Its

breeze, cool no dinner, hot No
least. at today for Ö dug diamonds No

97 at camp up set We
line. water the to south strolled Then

rock. handy a upon sat I
dropped I letterbox this where Thatís

tree. biggest the by SPOR a Under
bees! the for out Watch Ö PS

through youíre when mind donít you If
two. or rock a SPOR the to Add

Happy hunting. Be sure to check out the Crater of Diamonds while in the area.