Arrowhead Letterbox (BA)  LbNA # 54697

OwnerThe Braddocks    
Placed DateJul 23 2010
Locationbroken arrow, OK
Found By The Turtles
Last Found Mar 17 2011
Hike Distance?
Last EditedNov 1 2015

This is one of a set of 14 letterboxes. They are dedicated to the Broken Arrow Public Elementary Schools. We noticed one day that a lot of schools had sister parks with the same name and decided BA needed some letterboxes. Even though these letterboxes are dedicated to the Elementary Schools, for safety reasons no letterbox is at the school. None of the letterboxes are near a school or is any part of the clues going to take you near a school. Broken Arrow is very serious about strangers at their schools. If you do not understand this and think maybe it is at the school, then you will be the one dealing with the police. That being said, when possible the letterboxes will be at a park with the same name as the school or something similar (place of business, street sign or something similar). The clues will not be difficult to follow and you just need to do some Google map work to find the parks. If the letterboxes are in need of repair E-mail me and please enjoy finding them as much as we did creating them.
Arrowhead is a 40-acre Community Park. This park is home to Broken Arrow Girls Softball. The park has 8 lighted softball fields with all amenities. The site has hosted some of the largest, most prestigious national tournaments for girl’s softball. In addition, the park offers a 1-mile walking trail, a quality play system, a variety of trees and a pond. This site has been nationally recognized for quality facility standards for girls softball. It is easy to find and is fairly active so watch out. When you park there is two paths you can take one on the east of the field and one to the west. Focus on the house of the rising sun and take this path till it curves, once around the curve you will see two cedars. Your prize is under one of these trees.