The Cowmooflage Box  LbNA # 54651 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 20 2010
LocationNashville, MI
Found By Arleth's Owl Post
Last Found Aug 10 2013
Hike Distance?

Daisy the cow had had a long hard day of letterboxing. She decided that she better moove along and head home. She found her road and headed home, when she noticed that all of the road signs looked like they said MOO. She took another look and realized the OO's were 6's and she was traveling South on M-66. Phew, she really was getting tired. Then she noticed that the road added a name and now had a 79 attached. Keep going she told herself, and then she remembered someone telling her that there was a park and ride ahead just before 79 left, so she made up her mind that she would stop there and take a little rest. But when she arrived she found friends! Lots of friends, and these friends had something going on! And look, those signs really do say MOO!! It was a whole village of MOO! Even though she was so tired she decided to take a look around. She went around and talked to all the friendly animals outside, to which the pig told her she should check out the tasty treats inside.
Daisy did as he said and was in heaven when she saw Luscious Lemon in the case! Do you know how hard it is to find lemon ice cream??? She ordered herself a big ole cone and told the lady at the counter about her day. Daisy's day got even better when the clerk handed her a special box along with her cone. This one wasn't camouflaged as all the other boxes she had found that day, but it was Cowmooflaged!!! Daisy sat down, ate her cone, and checked out her treasure. When she was finished, she returned the gift, and left with a huge smile and just enough energy to make it home.

So Moove on over and order your self a big ole ice cream cone, and ask the clerk for your own Cowmooflage box to go along with it!

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