Clew Bay  LbNA # 54439

OwnerThe Olde Oak      
Placed DateJun 25 2010
CountyOther International
LocationIreland, INT
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Grace O’Malley was the Irish pirate queen. She had several castles and a major one is on Clare Island off the western coast of County Mayo, Ireland in Clew Bay. To read about Grace O’Malley go here:

And Clare Island:

From the mainland take the ferry to Clare Island. We took this a boat from this ferry company:

Plan to spend the day so you can take in all of this wonderful place.

There are several harbors from which boats travel to Clare Island and ours left from Roonagh Quay. As you sail in you’ll see Grace’s Castle prominently standing above the small harbor. Visit the castle and then as though you are facing the harbor from the sea start walking to your right and stay right for a short walk to the Clare Island Community Center. Just before you reach the Community Center you should see a lawn fenced in for camping with a flag and a bench. Follow the little fence to its eastern-most corner. Find the last round post. On its eastern side closest to the bay wedged in at the base may be the Clew Bay Letterbox. Surprise for first finder!

This is about as wet a place as you could hide a letterbox so please close securely making sure to double bag as well as making sure plastic edges are totally inside box.

Thanks for coming.