Villa Serrana  LbNA # 54262

Placed DateJun 29 2010
CountyOther International
LocationVilla Serrana, Minas, Uruguay, INT
Found By Gemelos
Last Found Jul 15 2011
Hike Distance?

The Villa Serrana letterbox is located at the peaceful lake in the center of Villa Serrana, in the relaxing area of Uruguay called the Sierras, or small mountains. Find the map of the area that is on a sign near the sign of the road. Go to the back of the sign, with your back flat against the back of the sign. If the dam is at the 12 o´clock position, face toward 2 o´clock. Walk approximately 23 steps in the 2 o´clock direction. You will walk through two clusters of small trees and finish in front of a thrid group of small trees, a bit further than the other two. Go to the opposite side of this third cluster of small trees. The main tree has 8 main branches, 2 of which are cut. Facing toward the dam, find the branches that form a ¨W¨. At belly button level, just below this ¨W¨, hidden under Spanish Moss, is your box.