Jack In The Box  LbNA # 5370 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 24 2003
LocationChillicothe, OH
Found By Team Mad Dawg
Last Found Jun 19 2005
Hike Distance?

Title: Jack in the Box.
Placed 8-24-03 by Salamander.
Location: Chillicothe, Ohio. (Ross Co.).
Difficulty: Easy.

CLUES:This letterbox is located near the Bikeway/Pedestrian Corridor in Chillicothe. At one of the corridor's parking areas, there is
an "Ohio Historical Marker" about Camp Bull, a stockade built to
confine British prisoners during the War of 1812. You must find this
marker. Due north of this marker, and at 12 paces, there is a
smallish shrub, one of several used in the landscaping. The box is
hidden in the mulch at the base of the shrub.