American Discovery Trail  LbNA # 5363 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 24 2003
LocationTerrace Park, Ohio, OH
Found By cmykpez
Last Found Oct 29 2005
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American Discovery Trail
Placed (on my birthday) ! August 24,2003
Difficulty: easy,nice flat walk
Terrace Park,Ohio Hamilton County
Stamp rated: long walk 1/4 mile 0ne way
Driving on Rt.50 .Elm Road is on the Terrace Park - Newtown boarder.
After you go through the tunnel take the road on your Right and park in
the Drackett Field parking lot.
Return to Elm Road and walk toward the tunnel.You will see 4 round wood
Take that trail up to a trail intersection.
At the intersection go SW and stop at the SW end of the wooden guard
The box is about a quarter mile down the trail.

If the swim club is open as you walk down the trail you can detect the aroma of coconut suntan oil. Mmmmm

The only way you will find this box is by accurate pace counts (or luck).

Start counting your paces !
(a pace = 2 steps ; approximately five feet)
From the 2x12 side board railing at the S-W end of the tunnel( which has a blue mark on it to designate the ADT )
go 142 paces and you will come to a make shift tree house on your Right.
From here take 57 paces to a distinct trail
going down hill on your left.
From here take 103 paces to an old wooden RailRoad tie on your Right.
The box is inside the tie on the North end.
Please replace the bark and rocks . This trail has a lot of kiddies playing on it !