Fate Of Childhood Series - Adventure #1  LbNA # 5327 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 20 2003
LocationPortland, OR
Found By C2B2
Last Found Jul 2 2006
Hike Distance?

An Evil Sorcerer name Mukesh has decided that the world would be a happier place without the sound of children singing. To seal this fate he has stolen important key items and characters out of the Magical Children’s Songbook. In doing so he has made it impossible for these songs to ever be sung again and made it impossible for childhood to exist, as we know it in future generations. The only thing we can depend on now is you our Hero. You must remember these songs from memory of your childhood days, and find the characters before it is too late! Without these songs children may never experience happy childhoods again and the world will become riddled with evil!

When following Mukesh’s trail you will find that while he trapped characters and items in some unusual places, there was a method to his madness. During his first escapade he started near a Museum that caters to children in the Washington Park area of Portland. The strange and demented little man that he is he mischievously sang a children’s song while committing this evil deed. As he secured each character and item in its place you could hear his devious voice echoing “You put your right foot in you take your right foot out, you put your right foot in and you shake it all about, you do the hooky poky an you turn yourself around, that’s what it’s all about!” What on earth could it mean? You might keep reminding yourself that it is all about turning things around as you follow these clues. (You might even keep singing it if you really feel like it).

Puff The Magic Dragon Letterbox:

From your starting point head up the steps and look right for what appears to be a nest of dragon eggs. Perhaps Puff was trying to have his own little dragons before Mukesh got involved. If you stand in the middle of the nest to your left a trail leads to a large tree that almost looks like a dragon that was frozen in time. If you head to the south side of the tree you will see what might just be his legs sweeping downward. Sit where one leg turns to two closest to the ground facing downhill. If you look to your right hand side for a tree with a fern growing at it's base you might find Puff hasn’t really ceased his fearless roar just yet but is only holding his breath in the midst of the fern. Be quick though! A dragon can’t hold its breath forever you know!

I’m a Little Teapot Letterbox:

Moving along Mukesh headed back from where he came and doubled back. He walked along a side walk and chuckled as he past a animal of skittles, laughing his evil laugh about how soon there would be no more singing children. Soon he came along a road that headed right and walked along it until a small trail tailed off to the left. He followed the trail down and down and when he came to a fork in the road he went left. When he came to another fork he went left again. Laughing that sinister laugh as he dug a hole at the base of a tree that was on the right hand side just twenty-two steps from the second fork in the road. The poor little Teapot was whistling like crazy trying to get help, but all that dirt muffled his whistle pretty quickly. If you hurry you can get him out and clean him off so we can all hear him shout again!

The Ants Go Marching One by One Letterbox:

Mukesh, insistent on locking the characters and items away forever followed his steps back to the main trail and took a left following the trail as it lead him down to a main street. He went right without ever crossing the street and he marched down the sidewalk to the very end: to a point that he could go no farther. From there he could see the ants scattering and clamoring frantically looking for their leader. The all seem to be gathering around a rock that was near the ivy on the right hand side of the trail. But the Evil Sorcerer Mukesh had their leader firmly in his grasp, he was intent on making sure ants never marched one by one again, so he trapped their leader under that rock they gathered around knowing full well and good that not even a million ants could lift that rock. The leader of the ants dug a little ditch before Mukesh put that rock there, he is stuck in that ditch, but he is alive, if you hurry!

Little Bunny Foo Foo Letterbox:

Oh Poor Little Bunny Foo Foo – he tried so hard to get away. He bounced out of Mukesh’s arms and headed up the road hopping toward the “Forrest”. It wasn’t very far at all before he found the “Center” of it. Standing there facing the entrance Mukesh was approaching quickly from the right, so Little Bunny Foo Foo darted off to the left along the sidewalk until he came to a driveway. He hopped right up that drive way and took the road that veered to the left. Suddenly there was a trail off to his right and he hopped up that way and began to follow it, noting the wooden blocks to his left as he hopped as fast as he could. He would not be scooping up field mice today; he had to get away from Mukesh! Maybe those wood blocks would trip him? They were big to him but to Mukesh they would be just about level with the top of his foot. He kept hopping and hopping and had just come upon some steps with a handrail on the right side when Mukesh tried to nab him! So Little Bunny Foo Foo did a bunny hop down off to the right of the trail and darted under the wooden ledge hiding under the trail. Murkesh stepped off the trail stood at the base of the steps and Little Bunny Foo Foo counted, one… two… three steps… what? What was that? Total Darkness? Oh my! He trapped Little Bunny Foo Foo under the trail!

You found them? All four of them? You set them free? Wow that is great! The fate of singing children all over the world has been resto--- what is that? You ask. Mukesh had more stolen characters and items with him? Oh no! Now what??