Powells BookStore ~Replacement~  LbNA # 5323 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 20 2003
LocationPortland, OR
Found By Maiden1974
Last Found Mar 31 2005
Hike Distance?


To clarify this because I get so many emails about this -- the box was replaced and went missing again and has not been replaced. Whether it will be replaced agian or not depends on the Managment of Powell's Bookstore and my ability to find a good location outside of the store if possible. (Now ignore the next part where it says it was replaced - that is part of the clues and it has since gone missing again) Please only pay attention to the Missing Reports at the top of this clue.

Thank you,

This letterbox has finally been replaced. It is in a different location than before so make sure you grab the new clues! It is also a different stamp and has been turned into a micro box. The very few that found the original before it became extinct can consider yourselves lucky!

Iron`Bear and his girl pandora have planted a letter box at Powell's City of Books in downtown Portland. The bookstore is located on the corner of 10th & West Burnside. Parking might be a chore but that is it.

This is a very popular bookstore in Portland. It is located downtown and parking may take some ingenuity. The bookstore is very busy and discretion is necessary as the letterbox was planted without the knowledge of the staff. The clues are not very difficult per say, however there are several of them and it can be a bit time consuming. It is definitely a letterbox to do on a rainy day in Portland. Powell's has a café and tons of books and is located near some very cool downtown shops. You might even want to make a day of it.

You are about to learn about and explore a fantasy world created by an author that began writing in the early 1960's.

Inside Powell's the hunt begins!

Your journey starts at Powell's City of Books in downtown Portland.

Once inside your journey begins in the café. Grab a cup of black wine you are going to need it. From here, you will begin to find your first clue.

This fantasy world is about honor and doing what is right. In this world, if someone were to insult a Man's woman that Man might seek revenge. When you find the row that you should be in the first letter of the second word under this section will be your first letter clue.

This fantasy world had three moons that shown like pearls in the sky. Go to the highest level of the bookstore for your next clue.

In this place find where people go to ask questions. Around the question mark, you will find your next letter clue.

In this fantasy world Castes were an important part of society. A Warrior would wear a scarlet tunic. Go to the room a Warrior would be in for your next clue.

To learn more about Iron`Bear you might want to read some books on Native American Myths. Iron`Bear has eight letters in his name. Your next letter will be found directly under the far right eight when facing the center of the room.

The Ubar of a city in this world was a King in his own right. You will find your next clue in a room of the colors and Ubar would wear. This is surely a room befitting royalty.

This world was based on philosophy like that Aristotle and Plato wrote. Find these philosophers. While you are here stop for a drink at a near by fountain. On your left will be a black sign. In the fantasy world Men would be listed first. Nevertheless, at the end of both sexes' you will find your next letter.

Another high Caste of this world was a Physician. The doctor and his answers for "wellness" can be found in section 101 of the next room.

From the end of the aisle, you will see a welcome sign. Take a closer look. You will find a number on this sign. Add the numbers together and correlate the sum to the alphabet to get your next letter.

A Scribe, yet another high Caste of this fantasy world, helps make language what it is today. The next room where you will find dictionaries and encyclopedias might be his reference section.

Once inside this room and find the Marquis De Sade. Do you recall his books? How many days of Sodom were there? Turn that number of degrees to the left. In this fantasy world, women belong at the feet of Men. Looking down to where a slave might kneel you will see a sign with the information you are looking for. Your next letter is the one that appears most often on this sign.

In this fantasy world, a dina was a very common flower. Yet, a dina by any other name would still smell as sweet. This should lead your right to your next room.

The Priest Kings, or Gods of this fantasy world, based their laws on philosophy and science. When you find both these, face the exit and what do you see? Lions & Tigers & Bears - oh my! Directly above you will find another type of animal and your next letter is its first.

A slave in this fantasy world might need home economics to be more pleasing to her Master. Your next letter is in the room she might do some training in.

Cooking and etiquette would be pleasing traits for a slave girl to possess. Find a sign with both these things. If you add together all the numbers on the sign and then reverse the sum and correlate it to the alphabet you will get your next letter.

The relationship between a Master and a slave in this fantasy world was one based strongly on love. Head back to the Warrior's room to find Iron Bear's girl and your next letter.

Pandora was a sought after woman blessed by the Gods. She would have been the most sought after of slaves in this fantasy world. Find the general section where you might learn more about pandora and her box. On the sign above you will see a section about one of the greatest Ubar's of all time. The fist letter of his name is your next letter.

The Caste colors of a Slaver where blue and yellow. Find the point that these two colors meet. Four rows down hang a left and go to the second sign. On your right, you should see the deepest darkest desires of a Master and slave in this fantasy world.

They say the eyes are windows to the soul. Use your eyes to look through the window. Under the Buffalo six letters over you will find your last letter.

Taking all the letters in the order received you will have the name of the Author that created this fantasy world. Find his books and look down the aisle for a place to rest your rump. Have a seat under the smoking man.

From the smoking man take the transporter down one floor and as you exit find the largest sign you can see. In the fourth section over fifteen subjects down is your next clue.

Standing directly under the sign head up the stairs in front of you towards the clue you just found. Once you get here look across the way, do you see things a kettle slave might need? Great, now head towards “The Tower” always staying to your right.

Take your first left and walk between concrete and brick. In the area at the top of the stairs just past the flowers you will find a black cage similar something a slave might be kept inside on this fiction little world you explored.

Open the cage carefully, discreetly and quietly and look for a long black pipe against the back wall. This pipe conceals a micro box that is stuffed behind it down towards the bottom.

Happy Hunting!
Iron`Bear & pandora{HIB}