Pinchy! Pinchy!  LbNA # 5317 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 21 2003
LocationHaddonfield, NJ
Found By GlobeBear
Last Found Jul 4 2005
Hike Distance?

Status: MISSING/LOST - will try to replace by end of July 06

Crows Woods
Haddonfield, NJ

Take Warwick Road to Upland Way
Under RR Underpass turn Right into Crows Woods Recreation Complex
Follow driveway to the back of the complex and park at the log hut
Stand facing the hut and look to your left.
Take the left most dirt path between the quintuplet tree & large oak.
Follow trail, at fork stay to the LEFT and go down hill.
Meander through woods approx. 5 minutes
Trail descends slightly and then you are upon a fork in the path
Take the LEFT path (do not go up the steep trail on right)
At the next fork follow the path on the RIGHT by the twin tree.
At the large fallen tree on your left, turn LEFT onto path.
Climb steep hill with log steps.
At clearing, continue straight on path ahead and descend log stairs.
Continue over footbridge and trail turns to the left
Climb slight hill and make a RIGHT turn and continue uphill.
Pass the rope swing on left in the gully and continue straight.
At the next fork, stay RIGHT.
Continue straight – a small fallen tree is across the path
At the “V” twin tree stay to the LEFT
A few yards ahead there is another “V” twin tree, stay to the LEFT
Proceed downhill, small stream below.
Continue past stream forging on straight ahead, along the stream banks
After passing through 2 thin trees that form a “doorway” 6 feet wide,
look to the right and up in the trees for the abandoned tree house.
Turn RIGHT and head uphill past large fallen tree, train tracks off
in the distance on the left.
Walk up path and stay to the LEFT.
The path ascends.
Stop at the very large hollow tree that has fallen.
Turn LEFT 90 degrees and walk along the fallen tree.
When you reach the end of the tree turn around and look inside
the right side of the hollow tree.
Pinchy! Pinchy! You found it.
Now let’s get you out of the woods.
Continue back along the tree and follow the path ahead.
(Do not go down path with steep hill)
Follow the path and in a few hundred yards you will return
to a main path. Turn LEFT on to the path.
At the next fork, turn LEFT (rope swing is ahead on right)
Walk down steep path with many roots – use caution.
Continue over footbridge, up log stairs and turn RIGHT
Continue on path until you reach a clearing with 3 large trees.
Take the LEFT path and at the fork, stay LEFT.
At the next fork, stay RIGHT.
Continue down slight hill, approach an “intersection”
Turn LEFT and you will see a clearing ahead with a fence for the R.R.
Don’t go toward R.R. fence.
Turn RIGHT onto path.
Soon the log hut will be ahead.
Thanks from Pinchy! Pinchy!