Webb Park  LbNA # 5279 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 17 2003
CountySan Diego
LocationIn Rancho Bernardo, CA
Planted ByJohn and Dawn    
Found By Cadenza
Last Found Mar 16 2004
Hike Distance?

Growing up we knew this little park as Fake Lake. I guess it's officially named Webb Park. It is hidden behind a comercial area. This is a nice little lake with lots of ducks. The ducks really enjoy bread! So bring any day old bread you've got laying around. You can bring you dogs, remember a leash though. Unfortunately there is no fishing in the lake. It is open daily from sunrise to sunset.


Take the 15 freeway.
Exit at Bernardo Center Dr.
From exit head east.
Turn left on Iberia Place.
Follow Iberia untill you reach Parkside Plaza parking lot.
Enter Parkside Plaza parking lot and go to the far right corner of parking lot.
Letterbox was taken,sill a great place to visit/......................................................
From the parking lot walk NORTH across the grass to the walkway that circles the lake. (aprox. 28 paces) Once at the pathway face the lake and to your left in the grass will be a row of three trees. These are memorial trees with plaques under them. Head NORTH towards the trees.
The first tree is Jareds, the second tree is Darla's, and the third tree is Kyle's. Standing in front of Kyle's plaque, face the lake and you will see large tree to your left at the shoreline with many boulders beneath it. Take about 11 paces to a big boulder at the water, step over the boulder towards the base of the tree. Now between you and the tree there is a rectangular, tan rock, it is the only moveable rock in the area. Under this rock you will find the letterbox.The box may be covered with dirt.please re-cover the box with dirt,then the rock. Have fun with the ducks.