Lillian Anderson Arboretum  LbNA # 5268 (ARCHIVED)

Ownerpale puppy posse      
Placed DateAug 18 2003
LocationKalamazoo, MI
Found By TeamRabbit
Last Found Sep 4 2003
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Last EditedNov 3 2015

Placed by Kazoo Dog with help from Golden Retrievers Triscuit & Dewar and kindly adopted in May 2009 by pale puppy posse.

East Walking; easy clues

Established in 1998 and owned/maintained by Kalamazoo College, this 100+ acres of marsh, meadow, planted red and white pines, and second-growth deciduous forest is one of the area's best-kept secrets -- so sacrosant that potential visitors need to request permission to visit (see below). This arboretum offers letterboxers a second convenient opportunity in this area as there is also a box placed in the adjacent Oshtemo Twp. Park. However, visitors to the arboretum require permission to visit (contact to seek permission). Although the college is not monitoring the site, prior permission to visit is a respectful courtesy that must be sought in order to avoid having this marvelous site closed to future visitors. Pets are permitted but must be on leash; visitors are expected to stay on the marked trails that can be used for hiking, bird watching, cross country running at all seasons and cross country skiing in winter. The arboretum is open to visitors from sunrise to sunset daily and there is no admission charge.

The parking area is unpaved, but shouldn't present a problem. There are no litter barrels, so be prepared to haul out personal and found litter.

For more information:

The Arboretum can be reached from I-94 by taking US-131 north to M-43 (exit 36B), following M-43 west about 2 miles from US-131. The Arboretum is a mile west of Meijer's up a small & curved, unmarked drive on the south (left) side of the road. Get ready to turn after you pass a large white farmhouse with dark green shutters - a bit south off the road - on M-43. The drive, not easily seen from M-43, is about .5 miles from the Oshtemo Twp. Hall; there is an orange-topped Ameritech marker post at the entry to this curving black-top.

From the parking lot, enter at the gate, following the single lane road to the green-topped MR post, proceeding in an easterly direction on this trail. Take side trails along MR if you must - but, to find what you seek, stay on MR. At the crossroads of the MR Trail, continue in a southerly direction until you reach Granny's apple-colored post that points the way to MP, which you should follow. At MP-1, pause and look ahead for a truly breath-taking view and...if you're not too awe-struck...continue on the MP Trail. About 4 paces* beyond MP-2, take the easterly way, following it downward toward the pond. You may wish to stop and rest at the bench that overlooks the pond, but proceed past it to walk under the fallen tree where you should set sight on the orange about 14 paces away. A fallen tree branch rests behind the upright one that stands to mark the box you seek, nestled slightly west of the orange under the fallen branch and not a few autumn leaves. Make sure, in the rare event that other hikers are near, to go to the bench to do your stamping. When you are done, continue on the trail -- or retrace your steps to the parking area.

*Note: Since I'm only 5'2" tall, my paces/steps are smaller than most; take my step size into account.
Warning: Watch out for both poison ivy & poison oak in some areas!