???  LbNA # 5257

Placed DateAug 17 2003
Location???, OR
Found By (hidden)
Hike Distance?

NOTE: Reported missing 4/07

Here it was, the sun low in the Oregon sky and the Funhog needed a place to pitch a tent. Knowing that there are letterboxes AND campsites off exit 61, this seemed to be the perfect place to leave I-5. Iím driving along, minding my own business and what do I see a few miles west? My very own viewpoint and creek! Plus, its sole purpose for existence is having fun! I had to scurry along to beat the sun but the next morning I was up bright and early to see this fabulous place.

I was so excited about visiting my very own creek that I skipped breakfast (except for one Oreo) and headed back upriver. I pulled into the parking lot, sat on a curb and decide that since I couldnít go have fun with all the other people parking here, Iíd do the next best thing: hide a letterbox. With a rumbling belly, I carved a stamp. It was still before 10, a bit late but a perfectly acceptable time for breakfast.

Being a hog Iím pretty darn good at rooting out something good to eat. So I put on my shades, the sun blazing in my eyes and headed for a shady path. Being August, the blackberries were in their prime and there was a pile of them just ahead on the left. Now I was stained with berry juice as well as stamping ink. I know some pigs are quite fond of acorns. A pity Iím not one of them because there was an oak tree on the right with three trunks. What a mother lode of acorns! Perhaps I could find some truffles buried in their midst. I scratched around to no avail but left a confection of my own behind in that leafy spot.

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