Magic of the Forest  LbNA # 52544

Placed DateMar 10 2010
LocationMercer Island, WA
Planted Bysputnik    
Last Found Jul 1 2012
Hike Distance?

Hi! I am Emily the fairy. Do you know what? I hid a treasure in the forest. And I want you to find it! Only if you want to of course. To find it you have to start at the corner of SE 37th place and 76th ave SE.
There is a gravel parking spot right in front of the
entrance to the path. At the trailhead there are three posts and a red shed in the distance.

Start out on the path. You'll see a stairway in front of you. If it's been raining, you'll see a magical swamp has appeared to your left. Watch out for swamp monsters! If you don't disturb them, they'll stay asleep. Keep going on the path. When you make it up the steep hill you'll see a trail on your left and a path that goes straight (next to a bench). Follow the straight path and keep going forward.

At the top of the next flight of stairs on your right is a tree who once wanted a magical letterbox of its own but is instead a home for cute forest animals. It has 6 trunks and lots of holes on the bottom covered with moss. Don't disturb their naps and keep going forward on the main trail.

Eventually you'll see a spider tree (or nurse tree) on your right and a large fallen tree on your left with roots that look like a duck's foot. You're on the right path! Keep going straight.

You'll come to a "t" at the top of the steps. You've reached the "Stairs of Confusion!" Keep going on the main path up to the left. From the T at the top of the stairs, take 85 steps. You'll arrive at my secret hideout. Look for my favorite spot to hide. On the bend of the trail, you'll see a large tree covered in ferns with lost of exposed roots. I put magic on these roots to help you up to the cave where I've hidden my treasure. This is a magic tree. If you believe you can climb it and the tree will help you. Its roots will give you a helping hand.

Look closely under the roots beneath the vines under some leaves. Look out! I'm very tricky! See anything?