The Love / Hate Relationship  LbNA # 52516

Placed DateMar 18 2010
Locationgrand ledge, MI
Found By Philosopher Rabbit
Last Found Jul 28 2012
Hike Distance?

This park is located at 13991 Tallman Rd. Grand Ledge, MI
A trail map will be helpful for this box. One can be found at the trail head by the old brick factory, or online at

To find the box begin at the trail head by the old brick factory. Head south the way Chuck might go to find his dear love. Once you meet where they dance, head north. Continue to walk as you gaze with doe eyes. As you cross the bridge of happiness you will see where he has marked the tree on the right to show Sara his true love......or has he....look to your left. Once you have realized the truth, continue on your journey past the tree with a HUGE broken heart. At the crest of the hill look northeast and find the loner in the forest with a mended broken heart.