The Blue Oval  LbNA # 52414

OwnerBoots Tex    
Placed DateMar 5 2010
Location???, TX
Found By ???
Last Found Jan 17 2013
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According to legend, Ford’s current logo, with its Spencerian script and elegant appearance, is derived from the business card of one of the company’s first executives. If the font looks familiar, that’s because the same basic typeface is used in the Coca-Cola logo. It has existed largely unchanged since 1912. The color was changed from a black oval and script to a blue oval with white script in 1927. The shape of the oval has been tweaked a couple of times, but only slightly. The current shape is flatter than the original, but that’s it. In 1966, Henry Ford II asked famed graphic designer Paul Rand to update the Ford corporate logo. I’ve placed a picture of it on AQ. Paul Rand, in a long career, designed many logos that you’re familiar with, including IBM, UPS, Westinghouse, Cummins Diesel and the infamous tilted “E” of Enron. Hank Two rejected it, after much deliberation, because he found the change too radical. What was good enough for his grandfather, he felt, was good enough for him.

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