Whooo's There? #2: Errol  LbNA # 52180

Placed DateJan 24 2010
LocationArvada, CO
Planted ByThe Owlery Keeper    
Found By funkyfinders
Last Found Jun 21 2012
Hike Distance?

I wanted my first letterboxing series to be absolutely magical, so I thought, what is more magical than the wonderful owls of Harry Potter? And, where indeed is a place more magical than the library, where books can take us anywhere? So that is why I chose to place my first 3 Letterboxes at the Standley Lake Library, located on 86th Avenue and Kipling Street.

1) From Whooo’s There #1: Hedwig, go back to the brick wall and iron barred fence.
2) Look slightly to your Northwest for a Muggle made object that has to do with the sun producing energy. Head towards it.
3) Once there, take roughly 9 ¾ slightly larger than average steps across the platform (dam).
4) Continue due west across the dam until you find a path that heads north towards Standley Lake.
5) Immidiately after you start heading north on this path there is a tree to your left. Head around the back of the tree and look between the back 2 trunks to find Whooo’s There #2: Errol.