The Legend of Kactus Kate  LbNA # 52059 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJan 23 2010
Location???, VA
Planted ByCactusDog7    
Found By ???
Last Found Jan 26 2010
Hike Distance?

Kactus Kate lived in the Commonwealth but one day she left the confines of the east and made her way westward to the wilds of the Old West. There she discovered a new world of abundant treasures. She visited places like the Last Territory and the Town Too Tough to Die, and encountered an array of characters including Junior, Jack, and Texas Kate. She even adopted wildcats, diamondbacks, and cardinals as part of her family. During her junior rangering she learned an appreciation for the different cultures and histories that flavor the Old West. She found bliss among the deep red hills and sentinel-like green saguaros that watched over the unique flora and fauna. This letterbox is planted as a tribute to that bliss, and the fascination and joy that this land holds for her.

The letterbox is located in the largest county (named after a lord) in the northern part of that eastern Commonwealth, in a locale named after a city in Egypt, in the park named after the manor residence of Thomson Francis Mason. It cannot be accessed from the main entrance. Park in the lot near the Area 3 maintenance facility and orient yourself using the map on the sign. Your objective is the trail named after a small body of water. Start up the road and continue on the hiking/biking path. It will lead you to a small meadow and houses 15, 16, 17, & 18 on the left. Just past the clearing, take the path you identified on the sign; it will take you to the thing for which the trail is named. The trail will continue past it. After a few minutes you will see a big tangle of trees on the left, a short distance from the path. On the right side of this tangle you will see a horizontal branch. Walk around to the back of the tree; the Legend of Kactus Kate is nestled inside the horizontal branch close to the center of the tangle. Please be sure to double-bag the contents and re-hide well inside the branch, covering with twigs and leaves.

Continue on the path and it will re-join the road. Continue up the road to the lookout or explore some of the other trails in the area.

Note: this park harbors abundant wildlife so be mindful of this when you are searching and reaching for the box. Also, the path may be quite soggy after rain or snow.