Cardinal Place  LbNA # 52008 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJan 18 2010
LocationLansdowne - Leesburg, VA
Planted Bynature dude    
Found By paper trail
Last Found Jun 26 2010
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Cardinal Place

Location: Kiphart Landing Park
Near Goose Creek in the Lansdowne Community
Distance: Short, Less than ½ mile round trip
Difficulty: Muddy and high plants depending on time of year

Driving Directions:
From Rte 7, take Belmont Ridge Road North into Lansdowne
Pass Town Center on Right and take 2nd left onto Riverpoint Drive. Follow Riverpoint Drive for about 1.5 miles. You will see entrance to Park on Left (between houses).

Cardinal Place is named after the feathered mascot of Seldens Landing Elementary School and was created by students there.

This area is fun to explore because the trail goes along Goose Creek and passes by the ruins of a canal that was built in the mid-1800s. You can still find parts of the stone walls of the canal. We have seen lots of snakes around in warm weather so keep your eyes peeled. We have also seen turtles, fish, shells, a great blue heron and crayfish.

Clues to Letterbox:
* From the parking lot at Kiphart Landing Park, take the trail toward Goose Creek.
* When you see the sign that says “Enter at own risk”, take the path to the right that goes along the water.
* Pass a green paint trail marker on a tree. Walk about 10 steps and stop.
* Look to your right. Do you notice that the land drops down, like a long ditch? That is where the canal used to be. Can you imagine it filled with water and big boats going by?
* Now keep walking. When you pass the second green trail marker, you are very close so slow down.
* Up ahead look for where the trail seems to divide into two trails and STOP.
* Now take about 10 big steps backward and STOP again.
* Look to your right across the canal ditch. See the trees? Some are dead, and some are alive.
* Look for the large dead tree trunk with two smaller trunks going out of it making the shape of a “V”
It looks sort of like someone's legs up in the air, except one of the trunks is shorter than the other.
* The Cardinal Place Letterbox is hidden in that tree.
* Go to the back of the tree and look in the hole of the tree trunk.
* The letterbox is hidden behind some bark so look carefully.

Did you find it? Hope so!

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